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Camp Lake St Joseph

In 1985 Merle and Clyde Cameron purchased a parcel of land on Lake St Joseph with the intention of building a tourist camp. They commenced building the first cabin themselves, with construction taking two years. They were ready to accept their first guests in 1987. There were a few guests this first year. They continued to run the camp while still holding down full time jobs with the help of a few young camp attendants. In 1989 they had a local contractor build the next three cabins. Over the next few years two more cabins, the main cabin and the gazebo were added as well as other utility buildings. They expanded the camp without the aid of mortgages or financial assistance, using their own funds and proceeds of the camp to do so. In 2002 Clyde passed away and was missed by many guests. They still tell stories of him and the camp to this day. Merle continued with the tradition of excellent customer service and each year undertakes some project to improve the camp in some way. She continues to run the camp with the assistance of Doug and Shelley.